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and reach thousand of paddlers using the App daily. With yearly more than 200 000 thousands unique visitors, RiverApp is the most used Paddling App in the world.

Why use RiverApp as an advertising platform?

RiverApp has already been available for 7 years and has become the reference App for checking water levels before kayaking. It is used in more than 15 countries (North America and Europe) and is one of the rare digital platforms in the kayak world with a global audience. Each year, the number of users increases by more than 30%.

It is an ideal advertising platform for international whitewater brands but also for small local structures (kayak schools, shops).

Visible at the right place

Ads are placed on the river pages. Users see it while checking river levels.

Suited for local businesses

You can choose exactly on which rivers your ads are displayed. As a local kayaking school or shop, you can target exactly in which region your ads are displayed.

Suited for whitewater brands

To target a large audience of paddlers, you can display your ads on the rivers of several countries.

Easy integration

Ads on RiverApp are native ads and have a design that integrates well with the style and content of the application. All ads contain an image, title and subtitle that can be set in multiple languages. You don't need to design yourself a banner. After clicking on them, users are redirected to your site.


You get access to a reporting tool allowing you to monitor user interactions with your ads.

Support a useful tool for paddlers

By using RiverApp as a marketing platform, you directly support its development and reinvest in the world of kayaking.


We have different offers with a maximum number of displays per month (and therefore a maximum budget). Once the maximum number of views is reached, the ad is paused until the end of the month. The price displayed is a price (ex-VAT) per 1000 views (CPM). You only pay for the number of ads seen by the users. All offers are subject to a one-month commitment.


€8 / 1000 views

Ideal for small structures with a limited budget

Max. 15 000 views / month

Max. €120 / month

Contract term: 1 month

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€5 / 1000 views

Ideal for reaching a high number of users with a limited maximum budget

Max. 32 000 views / month

Max. €160 / month

Contract term: 1 month

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€3 / 1000 views

Ideal for a large campaign in several countries

Max. 80 000 views / month

Max. €240 / month

Contract term: 1 month

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€2 / 1000 views

Best price per 1000 views. Ideal for a big campaign in several countries

Max. 190 000 views / month

Max. €380 / month

Contract term: 1 month

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